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“Our goal is to establish ourselves as a solution provider in sync with time and we aim to achieve it soon.”

Working closely with the Government for improving the landscape of the cities, Signpost, an out of home advertising company pioneers in developing facilities for citizens such as Bus Q Shelters, toilets and smart pedestrian skywalks with escalators at zero cost to civic bodies. In an interview with Manali jaggi of BW SmartCities, Shripad Ashtekar, Managing Partner, Signpost India talks about the green initiatives of the company and its focus on technology when it comes to the company’s business approach.

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Centre, Delhi Government to get Land for Public Utilities, Services at Cheap Rates

Rate for land allotted to Delhi government for un-remunerative uses such as maternity centres, night shelters and orphanages has also been reduced to Re 1 per annum

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Don’t Drink The Water!

Before our cities gear up to become ‘smart’, I would like them to give back my right to take a sip straight out of the tap without fear

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