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NEC, AWS stregthens partnership in Global 5G and Digital Government

NEC and AWS entered into strategic collaboration in November 2020, and have been developing offerings and strengthening delivery capabilities since then.

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Top trends for Smart Cities in 2021

The increasing technological knowledge of consumers and the availability of real-time data will accelerate the process to a large extent. Sectors such as healthcare, public sector, and utilities, transport are set to be revolutionized with equal stress on security systems to ensure a safe environment alongside a seamless one.

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NEC Corporation India set to convert Thiruvananthapuram into a smart city

This project is NEC’s 8th smart city project, underscoring the commitment to help realize the Smart City Mission of the Government of India

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Change Is In The Offing

KOICHIRO KOIDE, Managing Director, NEC India, shares his thoughts with BWSC on smart cities, security and unique solutions for a country moving full-steam ahead

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Face Recognition System for Surat safe city project

With the deployment of the system, Surat City Police has become the first police department in India to have a Picture Intelligence Unit (PIU)

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Case Study: The New Face of Invisible Security

Balancing the comfort of hotel guests with increased scrutiny in a highly-sensitive zone can be tough. Technology can offer a discreet way out

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