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‘Future Disrupted’ predictions for 2020: Data, automation and IoT will enable virtual societies

Leading technology services company says connected enterprises, campuses, cities and societies will be a focus in 2020 as it launches it's Future Disrupted’ predictions, looking at technology trends for the next 12 months and beyond

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IIT Hyderabad hosts Smart India Hackathon 2019 Hardware Edition

The Smart India Hackathon, 2019 provides a platform to tech-aspirants for generating solutions to challenges of city life through product innovation and inculcate a mindset of problem-solving.

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Disruptive Technology – Its impact on Urbanization

In a developing nation like India, which is abundant with its natural resources, Disruptive Innovation strikes the right balance on socio-economic aspects both at rural and urban fronts.

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The day is not far when robots working on project sites will become a common occurrence. Drones- which are already in use to an extent, will constantly scan sites to collect data, predict and solve problems before they arise.

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Disruption is the Name of the Game

Spending on technology services will rise, and for IT services companies, the India-linked opportunity will begin to look more interesting

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