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VMware: Powering Enterprises through SaaS and Cloud

If market reports are to be believed, the software as a service market in India is poised to touch $20 to $80 billion mark in revenue and capture 7% to 9% of the share of the global SaaS market by 2022. The next wave of growth in the segment is expected to build new capabilities with strong COVID tailwinds driving collaborations and productivity tools and remote working, pushing enterprises towards digital channels. VMware, as a leading innovator in enterprise capabilities, and digital technologies presently, is on the past to support the transformation by expanding the focus on solutions such as cloud and apps, SaaS growth, digital workspace, intrinsic security, and the likes.

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Embracing Cloud- The Way Forward

Despite all the optimism around cloud services there is still a long way to go. Several measures are being taken into account to create a favourable environment for the proliferation of cloud services in India.

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