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NIUA, Primus Partners Launch Report On Data & Technology To Drive Liveable Cities

The report highlights the critical role of data-driven decision making and technological advancements in driving urban management.

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Varanasi Smart City Ltd, NIUA organized City Stakeholder Consultation on Sugamya Kashi

The effort was also to sensitize the stakeholders and mainstream the dialogue on disability inclusion across policy and project interventions and facilitating technical assistance to the city beyond the BASIIC programme timeline.

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Navigating the Next Normal and Inclusive City Development

The Next Normal”, as coined by UNESCO, will witness a dramatic restructuring of the economic and social order in which the government and society have traditionally operated. In India, the national government has initiated measures to navigate the next normal, rebuild better, and promote inclusive development.

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NIUA: Leveraging Urbanization Policies through Technology Data Solutions

The government recognizes that managing the process of urbanization is increasingly important for the ongoing urban transformation. In this regard, NIUA has been set up with a mission to develop new research and expertise for supporting innovations in the urban sector and their dissemination through action research and advocacy, capacity building. Elaborates Hitesh Vaidya, Director, National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) in conversation with Poulami Chakraborty of BW SmartCities World.

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YES BANK launches YES Institute Smart Urbanization Series

YES BANK has also released a knowledge report, ‘Growing the Smart Way’, which analyses the Smart Cities scheme, provides recommendations and a snap-shot analysis of the best practices worldwide

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