Article on July 25, 2018

Women Friendly Cities is crucial to India’s Success

Rethinking our cities to be gender sensitive is an extension to being an inclusive city that offers equal opportunities to all its citizens. A city that is good for children, elderly and woman is a great city for all.

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“Drones - Allowing “Startup India” to “Make in India”

It is extremely important for Government (local, state and central) to recognize the tremendous potential of drones and their subsequent safe use and operation in their respective jurisdictions.

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Smart industrial cities: A panacea to boost economic growth

For a smart industrial city to contribute to the growth of an economy, engaging with all the stakeholders is the key starting point. It requires administrators to think carefully about public-private partnerships, open data policies, citizen input and participation.

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Fueling a more sustainable future through WaterTech vending machines

Large-scale IoT-based water purification systems along with sustainable technologies have lately offered a ray of hope in the fight against the imminent water crisis. They are providing people an uninterrupted supply of potable drinking water through energy-efficient systems.

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