Article on December 22, 2020

Making Our Cities Sustainable

Indeed, modern India’s urban development seems to be nullifying our traditional wisdom borne out of the country’s varied climatic conditions. The situation is such that in today's buildings, provisions like natural ventilation have become an exception.

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What businesses expect from BI in a post-COVID world?

As businesses continue to find newer ways of functioning and survival amidst the pandemic, their expectations from business intelligence and analytics have also changed. These unprecedented circumstances have fostered the need for faster, real-time analytics that empowers businesses to trigger informed actions instantly.

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Digital transformation: How CTOs and CIOs can drive value through innovation

Digital transformation empowers CTOs and CIOs to guide their organizations in rediscovering and differentiating themselves by taking an “outside/in” perspective. The most successful companies have used it for just such rediscovery.

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