Article on February 20, 2019

Data Collection In A Smart City

Modern information and communication technologies are powering IoT operations inside smart city landscapes.

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Smart City Programs That Exist Today

The overarching motifs that define a smart city solution include higher levels of urban planning, the pervasive use of digital platforms and technologies, equitable municipal participation, and incremental operational efficiencies.

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Applications For Cameras On The Streets

Modern mesh networking technologies are empowering urban planners to deploy high-resolution cameras to gather real-time data in the form of images, video, and sounds.

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How Real-Time Traffic Monitoring Can Lead To A Better City

A smart city has many built-in features that can be leveraged in the traffic surveillance system. This will help prevent gridlocks, and ensure faster, smoother, and more efficient traffic in the whole city for all kinds of vehicles.

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The IOT In A Smart City

Devices in the IoT include vehicles, home appliances, electric meters, certain parts of industrial installations, security systems, thermostats, electronic appliances, alarm clocks, speaker systems, vending machines, etc. These are variously equipped with sensors, software, actuators, and other electronic components that animate the core functions of the IoT.

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