Vinod Goyal

Vinod Goyal earned his Master and Ph.D. degrees in international relations from the University of Southern California (USC) and MBA from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) with Sigma Iota Epsilon. He taught at USC. He served the County of Los Angeles for 20 years in its various departments. He went to Doon School. Completed training on the Training Ship Dufferin and joined the merchant marine where he earned the Master Mariner’s Foreign-Going Certificate of Competency. He served the Nigerian Ports Authority in Nigeria as the Chief Port Harbor Master

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Smart Cities: How India can Show the Way

A smart city is a city where its residents can live well; safe, healthy in a clean environment, and within reach of necessities such as transportation, hospitals and schools. Some cities listed as smart cities have sister cities in the developed states that have promised to help them become smart cities

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