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“Our goal is to establish ourselves as a solution provider in sync with time and we aim to achieve it soon.”

Working closely with the Government for improving the landscape of the cities, Signpost, an out of home advertising company pioneers in developing facilities for citizens such as Bus Q Shelters, toilets and smart pedestrian skywalks with escalators at zero cost to civic bodies. In an interview with Manali jaggi of BW SmartCities, Shripad Ashtekar, Managing Partner, Signpost India talks about the green initiatives of the company and its focus on technology when it comes to the company’s business approach.

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“Surveillance devices can also make the concept of safe cities a veritable reality by leveraging video analytics.”

Better safe than sorry, this adage holds true, especially in today’s day and age. Technology has to a great extent helped authorities ensure safe and secure cities. The way our security industry has evolved significantly over the last decade is proof enough that its demand is only going to increase in future. In a candid chat with Manali Jaggi of BW SmartCities, Abhishek Kumar, Regional Director, South Asia, Oncam talks about the present day scenario of surveillance industry in India and the company’s objective to help create modern and scalable solutions for our cities.

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“India probably needs 900GW of total power generation capacity by 2025 to really fulfil all its energy needs it has today.”

Smart solutions for smart cities inevitably means clean and green energy and the shift towards it needs to be understood and implemented well. With urban hubs set to decide the future, forward-thinking smart cities are looking to redefine their energy mix and distribution systems. Thrusting upon it, Dalip Sharma, Managing Director, Delta Electronics India talks to Manali Jaggi of BW SmartCities about smart and emerging energy concepts and their role in ensuring cleaner and leaner cities of tomorrow. Edited Excerpts:-

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“IoT, ML and AI are the key technology drivers that can help achieve India's dream of becoming fully digital.”

The Internet of Things (IoT), a key driver of smart cities is championing the unison of machines/things, people, volumes of data and processes worldwide in order to build cities that are efficient, economically viable and people friendly. WebNMS IoT, a division of Zoho Corporation is one such integrated IoT platform with multiple capabilities that cover energy management, remote site monitoring and vehicle tracking. In an interview with Manali Jaggi of BW SmartCities, Karen Ravindranath, Program Head- WebNMS IOT talks about what the cities of today need in terms of systems and bringing about a connected digital transformation through IoT implementations.

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“Authenticity is very important when we build our future cities.”

Urbanization is both a challenge and solution but, if ensured carefully, it can be the ultimate panacea to boost a nation’s economic growth and addressing the challenges peculiar to cities at the same time. AECOM is one such global network of experts working to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges. In a tête-à-tête with Manali Jaggi of BW SmartCities, Sean Chiao President, Asia Pacific, AECOM talks about its programme “Imagine Delhi- Towards a clear sky’ in association with Asia Society India Center as well as the challenges and solutions peculiar to world cities today. Edited Excerpts:

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“Nestlé India shares the ambition that no plastic waste should end up discarded in the environment.”

Climate change is a big concern of 21st century and citizens, businesses as well as governments alike have begun to understand their responsibility towards mother earth. FMCG firm Nestlé India pledges its commitment towards environmentally sustainable business practices through all stages of production. In an exclusive interview with Manali Jaggi of BW Smart Cities, Sanjay Kajuria, Senior Vice-President- Corporate Affairs, Nestlé India talks about the company’s allegiance towards finding improved solutions to reduce, recycle and recover that paves the way to a healthier environment. Edited excerpts:

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Corporates and Road Safety in India- Blazing the Trail

Although Government plays an essential role in addressing the road safety concerns, the involvement of private sector can further aid its efforts to make Indian roads safe and secure for citizens.

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Combining AI, ML and IoT will establish one complete, interdependent distributed ecosystem.

With a clear blueprint to tap on the tremendous potential India holds as a digitally-enabled smart nation, Ravinder Pal Singh, Director, Digital Cities & Mega Projects, Government Segment, Dell EMC Commercial believes in India’s shinning story. Talking to Manali Jaggi of BW SmartCities, Singh elaborates on the company’s collaboration with the Government under its Smart Cities Mission and the need for a solid digital foundation to unlock the true potential of technologies like IQT, IoT, AI and ML through proper planning and execution.

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“As a French company, sustainability is something that we live by”

Betting big on India’s growth story, Egis, a France head-quartered engineering group eyes India as a big market holding a lot of promise. In conversation with Manali Jaggi of BW SmartCities, Nicolas Jachiet, Chairman & CEO, Egis Group shares information about the group’s prospects in the country, projects at hand and his foresight for India.

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“Currently, we are home to nearly 3,000 Indian businesses operating in over 50 sectors."

Following the opening of its new office in Mumbai, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ), UAE is the preferred investment destination for over 13,000 flourishing businesses with nearly 3,000 Indian companies operating out of it. Talking to Manali Jaggi of BW SmartCities, HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saqr AL Qasimi, RAKEZ Chairman elaborated on India as an important market and zone’s support to Indian investors wishing to set up their business in UAE.

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