Tamil Nadu government adopts Blockchain technology for e-governance services

TN state government takes on Blockchain technology to ease out citizen-centric delivery services.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami recently announced new governance measures for better e-service delivery to the citizens, on behalf of Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (TNeGA).

The first initiative taken towards the same is named Zero knowledge proof identity based predictive Government Service Delivery. The application software used for issuing various certificates under this program will be suitably modified so that the document issued shall electronically hit the Makkal Number created by TNeGA.

Based on the numbers, the certificates will electronically reach the Citizen Vaults, which will be created for each resident of Tamil Nadu. The citizens can then fetch the certificates/documents in his vault using his/her mobile number as a user ID and OTP as a password.

TNeGA stated, “A system on Blockchain will prompt the software of each Government Department/Agency to issue the certificate/document, as and when the citizen becomes eligible for it.” According to TNeGA, Government Departments, Agencies or employers can verify the authenticity of the qualifications based on the citizen’s consent.”

As per the second policy, Blockchain technology will be implemented in all government departments for better governance in the state. “TNeGA will build a Blockchain platform for Tamil Nadu, to be offered as a service to all Government departments, without them having to maintain a Blockchain node. They shall be able to verify their data in the Blockchain independently without hosting the node,” says TNeGA.

Explaining the technology, TNeGA states, “Blockchain technology will provide a tamper-proof and immutable source of truth in independent mathematical verification of the integrity/authenticity of any digital data without dependence on a third party. It also provides cybersecurity and data integrity to applications focused on citizen engagement and experience.”