STL introduces hyperscale datacentres with 5G Edge Mantra at IMC 2019

5G Edge Mantra increases capacity in operator networks across an array of locations. It brings storage, computing and processing capabilities as a datacentre to the edge of the network with an end to end infrastructure offering.

STL, a global data networks innovator, unveiled, 5G Edge Mantra, an advanced 5G data hub technology, at India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2019, in presence of Anshu Prakash, Secretary, DoT. Designed to meet the growing mobile broadband demands, the 5G Edge Mantra solution supports multiple access technologies while providing enterprise-grade service reliability, security, bandwidth, intelligence and latency to end-users. 

An end-to-end design, build as a deployment solution, 5G Edge Mantra brings benefits to auxiliary technologies like multi-access Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Network Function Virtualization to service providers. 5G Edge Mantra enables service providers to thrive in the 5G world by bringing the storage, computing and processing capabilities to the edge of the network. The technology provides wide-area coverage and high-capacity transport capabilities for ubiquitous connectivity. 

Congratulating the STL team, Anshu Prakash, Secretary, DoT, said “5G Edge Mantra is a very innovative product because it brings together backhaul and front end connectivity. It is taking care of various network challenges especially which we get in the urban environment. I hope that STL gets a good market for it and we are proud that an Indian company is doing it.”

“We are pleased to close the second day of IMC 2019 by unveiling our path-breaking 5G data hub solution”, said Dr. Anand Agarwal, Group CEO, STL. He further commented, “A mini data center capability at the access level is an emerging trend and is of utmost importance in the 5G connected world. Designed for tomorrow’s network technologies, 5G Edge Mantra will support multiple access technologies such as 4G, 5G, FWA etc, while providing enterprise-grade service reliability, data security, bandwidth, intelligence and latency to end-users.”

5G has brought a paradigm shift where contiguous bandwidths and low latency are vital for capacity enhancement. 5G Edge Mantra combines software-defined Virtualized radio access network (vRAN) functionalities with a host of Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) capabilities. By bringing computational power, service orchestration and advanced analytics closer to the access edge, 5G Edge Mantra processes information locally, closer to where it is being generated and consumed, thereby improving latency and data security.