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PCMC pledges for Adequate Water Supply

In a bitter situation last year, over 25 lakh residents of Pimpri-Chinchwad were affected by acute water shortage. However, the situation can improve for better in 2020 as the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has “promised” to improve the water supply system

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Smart cities will Require an Institutional Approach to Address the Water Crisis

Institutional mechanisms have played an important role in determining how cities have coped with the provision of infrastructure – especially with regards to water supply. The state has long been entrusted with the responsibility of actual provision of services as a ‘public good’ – to be offered on a best effort, but largely unaccounted for basis, i.e. as part of a social contract. As a result, State Government entities – such as Public Health Engineering Departments, Water Supply & Sewerage/ Drainage Boards held primary sway over-provision of services, and in very large cities, municipal bodies themselves were assigned the actual responsibility for the provision of services.

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Odisha To Provide Free Drinking Water To Urban Poor

He also directed the departments concerned to dig one tubewell each in all 27,711 partially covered habitations in the state at a cost of Rs 195 crore

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Maharashtra to use solar power for water supply projects

The Maharashtra government, in it's State Annual Action Plan under AMRUT, has proposed setting up of solar power systems as an integral part of water supply projects

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81 cities to invest over Rs 5700 cr in water, sewerage system

The investments in 81 cities will be made under AMRUT action plans for the current year to enhance basic infrastructure including water supply and sewerage connections

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Tamil Nadu's Rs 3,249 cr AMRUT plan to improve water supply

The state government has proposed to ensure 100 percent coverage of all urban households with water supply and sewerage network services in the next four to five years

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