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Smart Cities – the ideal city of the future

With the initial focus being on energy efficiency, public safety, and sustainability, the cities will soon graduate to build solutions around health, education, and system integration spanning all sectors.

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Action Soon On Traffic Management On 28 Delhi Road Corridors

The 28 priority corridors, that fall under the A category, were identified for immediate action for traffic management in Delhi

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Mumbai police launches traffic helpline for citizens

The dedicated traffic helpline will provide information about real-time traffic movement and allow citizens to lodge complaints

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Bluetooth devices on cars to help monitor traffic

'BlueTT' - a software programme developed by researchers from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid - generates information from the identification of Bluetooth devices boarded on vehicles allowing city councils and highway concessionaires to carry out a better management of traffic network

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The Internet of Things and Smart Cities

IoT can be a powerful tool to help reduce physical monitoring in areas like traffic management, remote health services, building automation, security provision and asset tracking

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Smart is also safe

Video analytics can now transform cities into a hyper-connected world of data and information to extract insights that can help governments plan and respond more efficiently

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