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India’s 100 GW Solar Energy Target: Achievable or Overambitious

To continue this phenomenal growth and become a dominant player in the global solar industry, the industry and the Government need to come together to ensure a favourable innovative environment, focused on creating a sustainable future.

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Citizens must be involved and accountable in Smart Cities

Smart cities is not just about the creation of these hardwares and softwares or the analytics, it is about how the analytics can be used by the regular district administrations in making their functioning better.

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Making Smart Cities Smarter

India already has the ecosystem in place. With bright startups, world class professionals, sizeable workforce, state-of-the-art R&D labs, growing smartphone penetration, India has the potential to lead the world in making cities smarter.

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Smart Or Not, Everyone Wants A Safe City

Cities are doing everything to become smarter. But, are they paying enough attention to safety as well?

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Focus On Energy Efficient Projects

In an exclusive conversation with BW Smart cities' Nivedhana Prabhu, Sushil Chaudhry, Presidential Member – ISHRAE and D. Nirmal Ram, Chairman, Acrex 2018 and ISHRAE talk about sustainable living and energy efficient buildings becoming the need of the hour.

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Budget for creation of sustainable cities

The newly incorporated city SPVs would need to leverage Central and State government funds including equity to access funds from the external sources with sustainable development agenda.

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