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Based on the data we have had access to, with the expected migration to urban areas in the next 25 years, a city of one million people should be built each month in India.

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Pioneering a Smart Revolution

H.E. GUSTAVO DE ARÍSTEGUI, Ambassador of Spain in India, in an interview with BWSC, on how his country is well-poised to join India in its quest to revitalise cities

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Bluetooth devices on cars to help monitor traffic

'BlueTT' - a software programme developed by researchers from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid - generates information from the identification of Bluetooth devices boarded on vehicles allowing city councils and highway concessionaires to carry out a better management of traffic network

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Spain proposes to develop Delhi as smart city

The draft MoU relating to urban development was presented during the meeting of a high level Spanish delegation led by its Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation with the Indian Urban Development Minister

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Shiv Nadar University organises Bilbao-Delhi workshop on urban rejuvenation

A delegation of experts from the Spanish town of Bilbao, which was ravaged by floods in 1983 and has since been rebuilt, shared its views on urban rejuvenation with the recently-appointed Delhi Dialogue Commission

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Smartphones to monitor real-time air pollution

Researchers in Barcelona, Spain, equipped more than 50 school children with smartphones that could track their location and physical activity

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