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Five Technologies that any Smart City Needs to Cater

Multiple reports have stated that in the next 5-7 years the smart city industry will witness a tremendous boom and the market is expected to reach a valuation of over $400 billion.

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Haryana Gets Investment Commitment Of Rs 3 Lakh Crores

With a view to encourage small and medium enterprises, the Haryana Government today said it has decided to reserve 20 per cent of its purchases for this sector

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Change Is In The Offing

KOICHIRO KOIDE, Managing Director, NEC India, shares his thoughts with BWSC on smart cities, security and unique solutions for a country moving full-steam ahead

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LA to become the first city with Smart Street Lighting

Using mobile chip technology embedded into each fixture, the street lights are able to identify themselves and network instantly via a smart plug-and-play approach

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