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‘Privatisation is the way forward’

Major Manjit Rajain, Group Chairman - Tenon Group, shares his views on public safety, security industry trends and smart cities, in an interview with BWSC

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It All Starts With You

There is a symbiotic relationship between safer cities and the community with one nurturing the other to alleviate societies’ vulnerabilities to crime and insecurity

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Securing Smart Cities

Examples of innovative policing from across the country offer ideas that need to be woven into a new, integrated approach to tackle old crimes and new threats

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My Take: Policing and private security agencies

Security agency employees will have to have better education and far better training before they can act as adjuncts of the police and intelligence apparatus

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Of new worlds and old: Thoughts from Jaipur

While most people agree that abject pessimism is neither warranted nor deserved, getting excited about this journey toward smartness must be tempered with just a dash of realism about where we stand today

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