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Uber launches Public Transport Service in Delhi partnering Delhi Metro

'Public Transport' feature on the Uber App will provide live transit information about Delhi Metro and Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC).

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The Need for Sustainable Public Transport system in the Millennium City

The need of the hour is for an umbrella body on the lines of Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMTA) to integrate public transport system and provide a single window ticketing mechanism for commuters.

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Government picks 11 cities for Rs. 437 cr pilot project under FAME India

Cities selected to launch the pilot project of Multi-Modal Electric Public Transport for introducing electric buses, taxis and three-wheelers

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Cracking The Urban Mobility Code

Smart mobility solutions can make our cities economically productive, less polluting and wasteful of resources, socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable and above all, liveable

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Smart city is about providing last mile connectivity

Providing easy transport options is not sufficient to solve the issue of mobility in a smart city. Smart mobility should ensure better last mile connectivity, smart mobility solutions with an optimal work and life balance and eco-friendly transport system.

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