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Private Investment for Power Sector: Now More than Ever

This unprecedented crisis will have a massive impact on most economies. Countries will need to re-prioritize public expenditure towards humanitarian aid, social & health sectors, and to cater to those immediately affected by the Coronavirus. The challenge for an economy like India is to still - and somehow - manage to keep investment levels in infrastructure up.

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EESL and NIIF Partner for Smart Meters deployment across India

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) and National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF) today announced a new Joint Venture, IntelliSmart Infrastructure Private Limited (“IntelliSmart”), to implement, finance and operate the smart meter roll-out program of power distribution companies.

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Corporate consumers are prepared to drive India’s solar growth story

India’s corporates are ready to go all the way to support the transformation to clean energy in India, for their own benefit and that of the entire country.

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A Smart Switch All Set to Illuminate the Power Sector

The time is ripe to create a detailed electric blueprint that will power, empower and enlighten the India of future.

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India’s Smart Cities and solar energy

Solar is the most accessible form of renewable energy across India, with over 300 sunny days every year. The potential for solar energy generation, especially given India’s conducive geographical position, is incredible.

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