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Getting smart about buildings

An interview with Anant Maheshwari, President, Honeywell India

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Partnering for Success

The government must assure investors and partners about the commercial viability of their Smart City investments to successfully address funding gaps and implementation hurdles

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NIIF will function like SWF, to be operational by Dec: Sinha

To be operational by the year end, National Investment and Infrastructure Fund will primarily focus on fund infusion in infrastructure projects - greenfield, brownfield and the stalled ones

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Empowerment will be the key

The race for 100 smart cities has begun. Winners will be decided on the basis of their willingness to fix urban governance by strengthening local bodies and finances while building capacities

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Time to Rebuild Smarter with GIS

A centralised information system based on GIS provides an IT framework that integrates all aspects of a smart city, in a world where norms of the past are no longer valid

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What Shade of Smart? Brownfield cities may be the way forward

Given the opposition against the Greenfield model, a majority of the 100 smart cities are expected to follow the Brownfield path. Cyberabad, a dynamic example of retrofitting, can show the way

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