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Facebook-RIL deal to boost digitization and job economy

The sudden attack of COVID-19 has resulted in a continuous national lockdown causing a potential slowdown in the economy of the country. Economists assume that if the situation does not normalize soon, disruptions might last longer, which is a scary situation. More than 40% of household consumption is related to services which are under lockdown and mobility restrictions.

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Cambium Networks Expands Collaboration with Facebook Connectivity for Multiple Wireless Access Initiatives

Facebook Connectivity’s Terragraph solution enables Cambium Networks to provide last mile access to subscriber homes, enterprises and multi-dwelling buildings

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Nailing Jelly to a Wall

In a connected world that constantly prompts us for more information, ostensibly to demystify our own lives, privacy is fast-becoming a confused state of mind

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Facebook to help BSNL set up 100 wi-fi hotspots in rural India

Facebook will spend Rs 5 crore per annum for sponsoring these 100 wi-fi hotspots, being set up by BSNL selected vendor Quad Zen, in the country

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Mass messaging services kept out of encryption policy

The draft policy wanted users to store all encrypted communication for at least 90 days and make them available to security agencies, if required, in text form

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