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Can Machine Learning Enable an Energy Independent India?

In a renewable and distributed energy future, AI & ML can manage key aspects of the energy system, with human-oversight replacing human-intervention for the highest decision levels.

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Harnessing The Power Of Smart City Energy Management

India due to its sheer size and vast population has a lot of scope for experimentation and improvement in the Smarter Energy management segment.

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Focus On Energy Efficient Projects

In an exclusive conversation with BW Smart cities' Nivedhana Prabhu, Sushil Chaudhry, Presidential Member – ISHRAE and D. Nirmal Ram, Chairman, Acrex 2018 and ISHRAE talk about sustainable living and energy efficient buildings becoming the need of the hour.

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Andhra Pradesh CM to Launch Energy Efficient Fans Distribution Programme

These energy efficient fans are proposed to be distributed to consumers at an upfront price of Rs 1,173 each as against the market price of about Rs. 1750 each, the State Energy Conservation Mission informed in a press release

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4000 Households in Jharkhand to get Power via Solar Energy: Raghubar Das

This grid would also end the problem of low voltage in Tamad and it would be connected to Chandil Grid

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India Provides Huge Investment Opportunities:Piyush Goyal

He also accepted Singapore's invitation to India to raise more funds from the island city's vibrant financial centre

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