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Network and cyber security making our Smart Cities safe

A combination of hardware and software systems will ensure security of the main data repository, which individual systems – IoT sensors, CCTV cameras, and so forth – will have to be designed in a manner to prevent misuse and hacking.

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Smart Cities must address Cyber security issues: Report

Data privacy has emerged as the biggest threat for the Smart Cities ecosystem, says a recent report by Ernst & Young

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Kerala to commission 'CyberDome' to fight online crimes

CyberDome, coming up in the premises of IT hub Technopark, will be the first such high tech public-private partnership centre in the country

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Cyber security fears grow as defenses boosted: study

According to a new study by Rand Corporation in coordination with Juniper Networks, the methods used by hackers to infiltrate systems and countermeasures are often kept private making evaluation of cyber security difficult

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Self-driving cars vulnerable to cyber attack, experts warn

According to US based security firms Mission Secure Inc (MSi) and Perrone Robotics Inc, self-driving cars that have a wide range of cutting-edge technologies could end up leaving them vulnerable to hackers

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Cyber attacks being launched from China, other nations: Prasad

The Indian government is following an integrated approach with a series of legal, technical and administrative steps to address the growing threat of cyber attacks

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