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Smart Cities: Transforming The Future Of Real Estate In India

Real estate industry stakeholders will need to understand emerging data sources and how they can capitalise on them to inform the development, construction and management of property assets.

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Roadmap to a Smart City: Frost & Sullivan

A Frost & Sullivan whitepaper discusses how open-data initiatives can create innovative programs to implement efficient city services

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IBM to invest $3 bn on 'Internet of Things'

Technology giant IBM is targeting USD 40 billion in annual revenue from cloud, big data, security and other growth areas by 2018, while already offering smart cities solutions

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Big Data & Smart Cities

Cyber-resilient smart cities can be created through security intelligence and big data

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From IT Service Providers To Platform Service Providers

IT service providers can survive by transforming themselves in the cloud era

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10 Drivers of Smart City Planning in 2015

A government advisory firm presents its top 10 imperatives and predictions to help local governments stay abreast of smart city business and technology requirements, the Internet of Things and resilience among them.

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