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Dell Technologies Unveils Autonomous Infrastructure with Dell EMC PowerOne

Dell EMC PowerOne self-driving infrastructure with built-in intelligence can automate thousands of tasks and deliver ready-to-run resources in a few clicks, shifting IT staff from routine to strategic objectives. All-in-one system automates Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, PowerSwitch networking PowerMax storage and options for PowerProtect data protection that is deployed, managed and maintained holistically. Supported by Dell Technologies on Demand with a portfolio of flexible payment options, supports the acquisition of system capabilities as needed to balance CAPEX and OPEX • Joins the Dell Technologies Cloud portfolio of infrastructure offerings to help customers simplify their path to a hybrid cloud

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Nailing Jelly to a Wall

In a connected world that constantly prompts us for more information, ostensibly to demystify our own lives, privacy is fast-becoming a confused state of mind

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Microsoft to fund smart city players in India

Microsoft's new cloud start-up initiative is anticipated to impact over 50 smart cities in the next year through a catalogue of over 50 start- ups and ISV solutions

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IoT: A little something for everyone

Backed by its technology prowess and a robust startup ecosystem, India is uniquely poised to build the next set of futuristic cities

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