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Future Of Construction In the World of IoT

With an exponential surge in internet consumption, the Internet of Things(IoT) is taking the world by storm. A significant number of enterprises and consumers have already migrated to IoT citing its potential benefits in the coming years both involving user convenience and business benefits.

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Software Robots to Automate Work-force

“Automation Anywhere’s vision is to create a digital workforce where human beings are assisted by bots, thus augmenting the true potential of the workforce. We aim to liberate employees from mundane, repetitive tasks, thus allowing them more time to use their intellect and creativity to solve higher-order business challenges”, shares Milan Seth, EVP- IMEA, Automation Anywhere in conversation with Poulami Chakraborty of BW SmartCities. Excerpts below:

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RRTS’s Sarai Kale Khan Station to be India’s first Mega Transit Hub

Delhi-Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System corridor’s Sarai Kale Khan Station in New Delhi will act as a mega transit hub connected with multi-model integration as the three imperative RRTS corridors, Delhi-Meerut, Delhi-Alwar, and Delhi-Panipat will converge at the station.

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Sand Mining Scam Investigation by CBI transfers 4 IAS officers in UP

In a major decision announced on Wednesday night, 4 IAS officers in Uttar Pradesh transferred after the CBI investigation of Sand Mining scam in the state.

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