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Is the Indian real estate market prepared for the next wave of urban influx?

Rapid urbanization in India means that our top cities are approaching an affordable housing crisis and as a nation, we are not yet fully prepared.

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Government approves construction of 1,86,777 affordable houses for Urban Poor

RS.11,169 crore investment approved with central assistance of Rs.2,797 Crore. Haryana Gets 53,290 houses, Tamil Nadu-40,623, Karnataka-32,656, Gujarat-15,584, Maharashtra-12,123, Bihar-11,411, Kerala-9,461, Uttarakhand-6,226, Odisha-5,133

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Urban areas facing shortage of 2 crore houses: Venkaiah Naidu

Of the total housing shortage in urban areas, 95 percent is of Economic Weaker Sections (EWS) and Lower Income Groups (LIG)

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Housing Sector: Affordable homes, procedural delay major concerns

Huge financial investments are required to overcome the urban housing shortage, at 18.8 million units, of which 95.6 percent is in EWS/LIG segments

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