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“Nestlé India shares the ambition that no plastic waste should end up discarded in the environment.”

Climate change is a big concern of 21st century and citizens, businesses as well as governments alike have begun to understand their responsibility towards mother earth. FMCG firm Nestlé India pledges its commitment towards environmentally sustainable business practices through all stages of production. In an exclusive interview with Manali Jaggi of BW Smart Cities, Sanjay Kajuria, Senior Vice-President- Corporate Affairs, Nestlé India talks about the company’s allegiance towards finding improved solutions to reduce, recycle and recover that paves the way to a healthier environment. Edited excerpts:

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I am stressing on the need to inculcate a sense of cleanliness all around in the minds of school children as they hold the key to the future. A future transforming Aswaccha Bharat into A Swaccha Bharat.

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