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Snapdeal partners AP, UC Berkeley for smart village project

The partnership aims to enable digital access for small artisans under Smart village projects to sell their products online

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How Smart Villages Could Transform Rural India

Smart Villages are a good way of ensuring rural areas are not left out of the development agenda even as cities boost their infrastructure facilities.

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Time to Bridge The Urban-Rural Divide

Efficient policy and smart implementation can completely change the demography of Indian villages

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British varsity to help West Bengal village access electricity

A British university is conducting a research into sustainable energy to help a remote village in West Bengal to access electricity for the first time by installing a sustainable system from biological waste and novel solar photovoltaic technology.

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Assam, Australia pact on 'cross-cultural analysis' on anvil

The proposed pact focuses on adopting best construction management practices for housing and infrastructure sectors and developing a range of solutions in a cross-cultural context between Assam and Australia

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