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Urban Affairs Minister Asks DMRC To Increase Metro Train Frequency

The government will take more measures to promote urban public transport

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Delhi's air quality plunged sharply in 2016

As per pollution data, shared by Union Environment Minister Anil Dave in reply to a question in Lok Sabha, concentration of PM 2.5 and PM 10 steadily rose in Delhi since 2014, where 2016 stands out for a rapid build up compared to the previous years.

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Choking While Trying To Be 'Smart'

Solar City Plan is a step towards creating energy-efficient cities. However, will smart cities be smart enough to be liveable under the dread of rising air pollution?

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UK experts to help Delhi in fighting air pollution risks

Indian and British experts are joining hands on a project to help tackle health problems associated with air pollution in Delhi, which affect some 46 million people in and around the country's capital city.

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