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Palo Alto Networks Reimagines Data Security with an Easy to Implement Cloud-Delivered Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Service

Palo Alto Networks today introduced Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP)—a cloud-delivered service that brings a fresh, simple and modern approach to data protection, privacy and compliance.

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Businesses in APJ Witnessed Greater Average Cost Of Data Loss - Dell Technologies Research

Dell Technologies Global Data Protection Index 2020 Snapshot shines light on key challenges impacting data protection readiness

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Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys strengthens its Channel Partner Program to accelerate the adoption of DLP Solutions in India

Amid Covid19 pandemic and businesses working from home, Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys strengths its ‘Channel Partner Program’ to bridge connect and establish understanding on why the Data Loss Prevention Solutions are business-relevant and should be in priority.

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Remote Work Data Security Tips for the Tech Sector

As companies around the world scramble to roll out remote work strategies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, some organizations are better prepared for it than others. The tech sector, in particular, has long embraced remote work and actively promoted flexible working arrangements, but few have made strategies that included the possibility of their entire workforce having to work from home at the same time.

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Reframing Insider Threat: What Does it Mean When Everyone’s Working from Home?

There’s no shortage of articles and blog posts discussing the near-term implications of our current situation. Cloud services and applications fill the void to help ensure employee productivity and business continuity. But what are the long-term business implications of a fully remote workforce as it relates to cybersecurity?

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