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Reframing Insider Threat: What Does it Mean When Everyone’s Working from Home?

There’s no shortage of articles and blog posts discussing the near-term implications of our current situation. Cloud services and applications fill the void to help ensure employee productivity and business continuity. But what are the long-term business implications of a fully remote workforce as it relates to cybersecurity?

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How IoT lays the foundations for the buildings of the future

With their fully glazed exteriors, the Edge in Amsterdam and Berlin’s 10-storey Cube look like many other recently constructed corporate offices, but both offer a sneak peek into what many buildings of the future might look like – both inside and out. writes Kim Byjberg, VP, IoT and mobility, Tata communications.

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Enhancing Cyber Security for Infrastructure through IoT

“Subex Secure is built for securing diverse IoT and Operational Technology deployments. The ongoing R&D backing our product focuses on securing these deployments from a range of cross-spectrum threats to business, smart cities, and government infrastructure. As of today, we run one of the largest cyber threat intelligences gathering infrastructure in the world and the quality and volume of intelligence gathered by us is not just current and relevant but also essential for protecting the deployments we are securing”, assures Kiran Zachariah, Vice President, IoT Business Solutions, Subex Limited in a conversation with Poulami Chakraborty of BW SmartCities World. Excerpts below:

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