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Dassault Systèmes’ Initiatives with its Partners and Clients to Face COVID-19 Challenges

• Combating COVID-19 with technology to resume social and economic operations • SIMULIA XFlow simulation software being used at China’s biggest modular hospital, built in 14 days to combat COVID-19 • 3D cloud-based collaborative platform approach replaces an older, slower document-based approach

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45 ICCC converted to Covid 19 War-rooms across India

Integrated Command and Control Centers of Smart City mission converted to track and monitor COVID 19 positives using GIS and track healthcare workers using GPS to fight the ongoing pandemic.

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COVID-19 Innovation Challenge Launches Today for Student Innovators by T-Hub in Partnership with Q City and Emerging Technologies of Telangana Government

• The COVID-19 Innovation program has been designed for students who are budding entrepreneurs who can come up with innovative and feasible solutions to combat the deadly virus. • Two winning student teams will receive direct mentoring and support from all the stakeholders to transform their ideas into viable business propositions.

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Remote Work, Data Protection and Compliance during the COVID-19 Crisis

With the COVID-19 virus now officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, companies around the world have encouraged their employees to work from home to protect their health and support government measures aimed to curb the spread of the virus. However, while many organizations have long been exploring the possibilities offered by remote work, few have allowed all their employees to work from home at the same time for extended periods of time.

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STL forms Project Savdhaan, a special initiative to train over 1 lac youth on COVID-19 awareness

Addressing these challenges, STL, a global data networks innovator, formed Project Savdhaan. It is a special initiative to intensify COVID-19 awareness in India through an online workshop and on-ground sessions in specific locations.

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In Public-Private Partnership with Pune Municipal Corporation, Icertis Contributes Critical Personal Protection Equipment to Aid COVID-19 Healthcare Heroes

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has driven many essential workers, especially those in healthcare, to take unprecedented steps to protect public health. These amazing efforts have strained the resources and supplies these #HealthcareHeroes need to treat affected individuals. As we’ve seen in countries around the world fighting the disease, it is critically important that hospitals have an abundant supply of personal protection equipment (PPE) to ensure doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff can safely continue to work without risk to their health.

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