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Why is Cloud Adoption Critical to the success of the Manufacturing Industry?

The need for cloud-based ERP is evident from the size of the cloud ERP market — currently estimated at USD 45.3 billion and projected to reach USD 101.1 billion by 2025.

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Combating the COVID-19 crisis with Automation in the Manufacturing World

The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted critical gaps in manufacturing capacities. Insufficient supply chain agility, over-dependence on human effort, and the inability to respond to demand spikes are among the common challenges plaguing the sector during this time – and beyond. Automation could prove to be an effective solution, helping manufacturers reestablish business continuity on the road ahead.

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How to Design a Robust Multi, Hybrid-Cloud Strategy

With IT infrastructure space turning into a commodity business, the cloud provider space has become increasingly cluttered. Cloud has seen unprecedented adoption in the last five years, and companies across industries and geographies continue to invest in the high-ROI technology to harness its scalability and cost benefits.

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How AR Can Help Manufacturers Offer Unparalleled Field Services

Research suggests that most manufacturers are facing increasing difficulty when it comes to staying ahead of the competition, based on only their products.

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Birlasoft inks pact of $240mn Digital Transformation deal with medical device maker Invacare

Apart from the product lifecycle management system by Birlasoft, Invacare will also benefit from a new e-commerce portal to market its products, spares and supplies.

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