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‘Future Disrupted’ predictions for 2020: Data, automation and IoT will enable virtual societies

Leading technology services company says connected enterprises, campuses, cities and societies will be a focus in 2020 as it launches it's Future Disrupted’ predictions, looking at technology trends for the next 12 months and beyond

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The Revolutionary Journey of The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved with the progression of Internet in the past two decades. For starters, IoT is essentially the internetwork of physical things such as sensors, devices, vehicles, buildings, and other objects which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to pick data, assemble and exchange the data. With IoT, the communication is extended through the Internet among all the things that surround us.

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The day is not far when robots working on project sites will become a common occurrence. Drones- which are already in use to an extent, will constantly scan sites to collect data, predict and solve problems before they arise.

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Capturing the imagination: The fully robotic car

While autonomous and connected vehicles have opened a whole new world of opportunities, there are many concerns that need to be addressed before the automobile industry launches a fully functional and tested autonomous vehicle.

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Businesses, real estate start feeling impact of automation, artificial intelligence

In a future with an increasingly mobile and flexible workforce, the way in which companies utilize their leased office space will change drastically

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Cracking The Urban Mobility Code

Smart mobility solutions can make our cities economically productive, less polluting and wasteful of resources, socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable and above all, liveable

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