Article on February 02, 2017

Smart Bin: No Rubbish At All

Dustbins are no longer smelly boxes with overflowing rubbish. They are coming up with features like in- built sensors, Wi-Fi and compressor which can recycle the waste

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‘Solar Grids Can Help In Rural Electrification

The future of the cities will be decided by the way they use and manage their energy requirements. A visit to Tata Power’s Smart Grid Lab in Rohini, one of its kind in the country, can be an eye opener. A home to several pilot projects, the lab showcases how IT and operational technologies can be applied to bring transformational changes in the lives of ordinary consumers. Praveer Sinha, Managing Director of Tata Power DDL, talks to Anuradha Shukla about the changes that are happening in power sector and the smart transition of the company towards smart way of distributing and managing power

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“Allow Private Players In Public Transport"

Bernard Tabary, International CEO, Keolis, a private French transport group makes case for more private participation in the development of Indian public transport system.

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Choking While Trying To Be 'Smart'

Solar City Plan is a step towards creating energy-efficient cities. However, will smart cities be smart enough to be liveable under the dread of rising air pollution?

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‘LED Lights Can Save Half Of Energy Consumption'

When Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) issued a tender for procuring 50 million LED bulbs, it had no takers other than Philips Lighting as they could not match the lowest bid from Philips Lighting India of Rs 38 a bulb. The company holds about 25 per cent of the market share of LED lighting and has made a high double-digit growth in last two years and it is running at its full capacity in the country to match the surge in demand. Harshavardhan Chitale, Vice President and Managing Director, Philips Lighting India talks about the evolving energy efficient lighting industry and the recent shift towards connected lighting

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Jammu, Srinagar to have mega parking facilities to ease traffic

Jammu and Kashmir government today said it is developing mega parking facilities in Jammu and Srinagar through their respective municipal corporations and development authorities to address traffic congestion in the twin cities.

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