Dr. Binti Singh

The author is an Urban Sociologist, researches and writes on Cities. She is an author & academic (PhD, IIT Bombay). Guest Faculty Lucknow University & APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow. To read more about her work visit:

Latest Articles By Dr. Binti Singh

The Saga of our Inner Cities

The social and cultural homogeneity of inner cities is transforming with erstwhile traditional occupations and enterprises fast vanishing together with the displacement of communities practising those occupations.

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Reflections on The Smart City Mission in India

Each city in India can capitalize on its diversity and uniqueness in its quest to smartness rather than following a unilinear path determined by smart technologies only. A shift in thinking from technology driven solutions to people centric solutions could help us work towards more inclusive smart cities.

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Peri Urban Reality in India

Rapid expansion of city limits often described as the urban sprawl or peri urbanization can be accounted for as the new urban reality of India- a quintessential feature of contemporary urbanization.

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