Two green corridors created in Indore for organ transportation

Two green corridors were created simultaneously in the city, probably for the first time in the country, for separate transportation of organs

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INDORE, November 8: Probably for first time in the country, two green corridors were created simultaneously here today for separate transport of a liver and a kidney, donated by kin of a 59-year-old man, for their transplantation in two persons. "This was possibly for the first time in the country when two corridors were made simultaneously. By one corridor, a liver received by donation from a private hospital was taken to local airport. While from other path, a kidney was transported to another private hospital," Divisional Commissioner Sanjay Dubey told PTI. Both the organs were removed from the body of one Ramesh Asrani who was declared brain dead by doctors at a private hospital here yesterday. "Talks were held with his family members for organ donation and after they agreed for the same, his (Asrani's) liver and kidney were taken out from his body during postmortem and preserved," the officer said. Under the green corridor, police in collaboration with other agencies clears routes of vehicular traffic in advance for ambulances to transport organs. Dubey said while the kidney was transported from the local hospital where Asrani died to another hospital, the liver was taken to the airport from where it was flown to a hospital in Gurgaon, where it will be transplanted in a patient undergoing treatment. Earlier, a green corridor was laid on October 7 when liver of Rameshwar Khede (40) was rushed to Gurgaon from local airport for transplant, which was successful.

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