Smart Bin: No Rubbish At All

Dustbins are no longer smelly boxes with overflowing rubbish. They are coming up with features like in- built sensors, Wi-Fi and compressor which can recycle the waste

The new age technology is making everyday objects smarter and connected. The ordinary looking garbage bin is also un-dergoing massive transformation with added features and better performance.

For example ThinkScream, a technology startup by Raj Desai and Pratik Agarwal is working to introduce its unique ‘WiFi Trash Bin.

The aim was to foster a culture where people are attracted towards otherwise neglected dustbin and promote its usage.

The duo behind the five-year-old startup invented a trash can that rewards people with free WiFi every time they throw something away.

The four-and-a-half feet high plastic bin comes equipped with an LED screen that generates an access code whenever someone throws something in it. In exchange, the person gets access to WiFi for 15 minutes, which generally works well within a radius of 50 metres.

The dustbin uses multiple technologies to enable this seemingly simple function. The first is the WiFi technology, which is optimised to make sure that all codes work in sync. The second is the technology used for motion sensing to trace the movement of the trash as it hits the bin. The last is to link the motion sensor with the WiFi network for a seamless operation.

“The idea behind ThinkScream was to solve everyday problems in an innovative way, one solution at a time,” says co-founder of ThinkScream, Raj Desai.

The company is currently working with multiple corporates and governments to install WiFi Trash Bins on a larger scale. It is now targeting large-scale projects like corporate offices, residential societies and shopping complexes. In the future, they also plan to expand and set up dustbins on the streets.

Recently Union minister Venkaiah Naidu inaugurated two ‘smart dustbins’ at Palika Bazaar, under the smart city project of New Delhi Municipal Council.
In this smart bin, one can only throw plastic bottles and cans and in return will get coupons. Once the person dump the bottle in the smart bin, it will recycle the waste using latest technology. The smart bin will help segregate the waste and recycle items. People will not be able to dump any other kind of garbage in this bin which is the first of its kind in the country.This programme will motivate people to throw garbage in the bin as it will give them freebies.In the coming months, many such bins will be installed in the city under NDMC.

Other countries are also doing many experiments with the dustbin in terms of features. For example Australia has introduced many hi-tech solar-powered garbage bins which use an internal compactor to squash the waste. These bins have in-built sensors and Wi-Fi then let council staff know when the bins are full via text and email.

By installing such smart bins that are easy to use, colourful and clean, cities can hope to inspire people to bin their waste properly.

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