SAI International Education Group launches SAI Cloud School 3.0

COVID-19 may have given a pause to learning, affecting educational system worldwide; simultaneously it has given us an opportunity to explore the unexplored, to imagine the unimaginable, and ascertain the belief that nothing is impossible.

SAI Cloud School 3.0; flagship online learning platform of SAI International Education Group, achieved another proud milestone, in continued process of innovation, it launched SAI Cloud 3.0 on the Friday June 25, 2020, on the auspicious occasion of Ratha Yatra. After two days of rigorous digital training of teachers and support staff, it was opened for the students as the school reopened after the summer break on Thursday, June 25. 2020. Aligning with the changing times and playing on a front foot, SAI International adopted technology as a tool and rose quickly above the challenging situation, to ensure that learning never stops for its students.

This crucial phase has only fortified their resolution to work assiduously as a team and to overcome the unforeseen challenges. Despite numerous hurdles and adversities, teachers, staff, and the SAI Edutech team have been working relentlessly, to continue the seamless learning of the students and make it as real as possible. The team has been constantly researching and innovating, to not only adapt to the evolving situation, but pave the way forward for learning. Within no time the team devised a new method through the ERP solution of SAI Academic Management System (SAMS) that helped in creating SAI Cloud School, a new normal for learning.

An online innovative new-age learning platform, the SAI Cloud School was devised to impart a deeper echelon of learning. 

It is imperative that the present generation has to be made future ready and armed with a new set of life skills which focuses primarily on developing the spirit to fight against adversities, strengthening resilience, building confidence, understanding and self-introspection. SAI International as a team is painstakingly taking every step to provide a strong framework for successful learning, enabling children to align with the constantly changing world. The inevitable truth remains that the world will not be the same again and there will be a “new normal”. 

The flagship learning platform, SAI Cloud School 1.0 was introduced on Utkal Divas, SAI Cloud School 2.0 was launched in May and the 3.0 version of the same was launched on the auspicious occasion of Ratha Yatra. Each version was designed to enable children adapt themselves gradually to the new mode of learning without the feel of any burden, simultaneously kept enriching the students in wider and better ways and get the same feel of learning as if they are in the school, School is open, the building is closed.

SAI Cloud School 3.0 encompasses both Scholastic and co-Scholastic classes, including subjective and objective assessment, learning content both online and offline for the benefit of the students. 

For an uninterrupted and meaningful learning of the students, the education group has created a user friendly and enriching interface in SAMS. SAI International Education Group has also enabled the security of the online classes wherein students can access the classes only through the authorized and approved entry from SAMS. 

The SAMS interface constitutes of various features - 

  • Class Calendar: The Class Calendar consists of subject wise timetable including lab classes for the students to be able to attend each class with ease. 
  • My Classroom: After the launch of version 2.0 of SAI Cloud School the school conducted a parent survey and recreated SAI Cloud School 3.0 with better features. Version 3.0 has section-wise classrooms with smaller groups for an enhanced learning experience. 
  • Circular: All important announcements relating to classes, assessments, events, and celebrations are pinned in the circular section.
  • My Assignment: This tab contains projects, modules, and home assignments for children to practice at home.
  • Practice Test/ Assessment: It contains subject wise practice assessment (objective), including date of examination, appearance and marks secured. Assessment helps teachers in measuring the effectiveness of teaching. SAI International has devised several methods both for the subjective and objective assessments of the students, so as to institutionalize effective teaching choices and revise the not so effective ones. 
  • Activity: It enlists the various scholastics and co-scholastic activities, being conducted.
  • Chairman’s Club: The Chairman’s Club Classes are held every Saturday for the members of the esteemed club, wherein the Founder, SAI International Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo mentors the students.
  • Ask your Doubt: It is an interactive interface for clearing the doubts of individual student.
  • Third Party Content: It contains additional scholastic resources that add on to the intelligence quotient (IQ) of the child.
  • Student Learning Resource Centre: We provide access to the NCERT eBooks through ePathshala as a new feature integrated in the version 3.0 of SAI Cloud School, enabling us to teach our students in the most effective manner. 

Battling all odds, the School management under the leadership of Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder and Mentor, SAI International Education Group, began to chart the uncharted course more strongly than ever before, to ensure that the learning continues unabated and in a meaningful way. 

Immediately after the school closure, a string of virtual meetings with teachers and the IT team triggered the process wherein the technological infrastructure was strengthened. Dr. Sahoo, left no stone unturned to boost the morale of the SAI International family, to stand tall with a newfound confidence, fervor and team spirit. In no time, SAI International rose quickly to the occasion, and ensured the continuity of learning through SAI Cloud School. Almost instantaneously, the process of turning each home into a school was initiated by soliciting the support of the parents