Mahagram Payments Pvt Ltd a Fintech Startup Launched BharatATM - A rural NEO banking platform to deploy 1.2 Mn wireless ATMs this year

Mahagram Payments Private Ltd. a Mumbai-based ‘Fintech’ startup. It is a technology-driven company with expertise in alternate payment technologies. Their mission is to entitle each Indian with a straightforward means that of approach to digital payments.

Mahagram Payments Private Ltd. a Mumbai based ‘Fintech’ startup. It is a technology-driven company with expertise in alternate payments technologies. Their mission is to entitle each Indian with a straightforward means that of approach to digital payments, With this payment gateway and easily accessible usage, people of rural and semi-rural areas across India can leverage upon the offered facilities.
 Mahagram has launched BharatATM, a rural NEO Bank, offering banking services to rural masses through their unique engagement model with local Kirana and other retail stores across the country. The platform engages the local shop and enables it to offer banking, loans, insurance services to the citizens reside in rural villages.

In rural India, where’s there’s no bank branches or ATMs available, people can walk into the Kirana or any retail store near to them and avail the benefits of banking services starting from opening a saving account, recurring deposits, transactions like withdrawing cash or depositing, transferring funds or buying a life or general insurance everything at the same place they buy their essentials.

It allows its customer to open bank accounts at the store by just producing their Aadhaar & PAN Card and doing authentication using eKYC. Customers can also use the Aadhaar Card to withdraw or deposit cash to their bank account in the same store. It also offers its customers to transact using the debit / ATM card of any bank to withdraw money in the same store.

BharatATM aims to enable every shop in the country to offer banking services including savings, loans, investments, and insurances.