Leveraging Automated Cloud Infrastructure for enabling Smart Cities

“The public cloud adoption among enterprises has been increasing in India since the recent past. Blazeclan has been helping several companies in their cloud journey and summed up a lot of automation for the launch and deployment of cloud infrastructure faster, even for secure and most regulated environments”, Varoon Rajani asserts in conversation with Poulami Chakraborty of BW SmartCitiesWorld. Excerpts below:

In an era when the Indian economy is riding high on Smart Cities domain led by technology, is Blazeclan Technologies working to cater to Indian smart cities or are having any solutions in the same line? Please elaborate.

We have expertise in providing solutions that resolve issues of the public sector in smart city projects through cloud-native digital services. We have helped a Malaysian government organization with cloud-native applications to eliminate challenges that they faced in city development monitoring activities and customer service transaction management. We have the technology as well as service-level expertise in developing highly scalable and secure applications that evaluate, monitor and manage activities linked with smart city projects. This will complement our contribution to various impending smart city initiatives of the Indian government.

Being a recognized cloud computing sector, please share with us what are the key domain-specific solutions that Blazeclan Technologies is working on for the Indian market?

We have been working on the provisioning of cloud solutions to companies across various sectors in India. These include media & entertainment, food & beverage, utility, education & learning, banking, financial services, and insurance industry. Some key examples are:

  • Identifying the root cause for eventual shutdowns of AWS applications deployed by the education & learning industry. 
  • Conducting extensive consulting workshops and brainstorming sessions for the food & beverage industry to evaluate their current infrastructure. Also, charting a disaster recovery strategy and roadmap for the company.
  • Consulting, architecting, and deploying end-to-end cloud infrastructure for the manufacturing industry.
  • Helping the fastest growing entertainment network to manage and support their application with respect to standards sought by their customer base, with the help of managed services.
  • Application development for the insurance sector for making it seamless for them to manage appraisals & employee ratings.

With the Digital India mandate set in by the Government of India in 2015, how is the company contributing to the Indian economy by working towards the campaign?

The prime priorities of the government under the Digital India campaign are the development of secure & stable digital infrastructure, universal digital literacy, and delivering government services digitally. Our experience until now covers solutions relevant to these campaign requirements and our expertise in digital solutions and services has increased significantly in recent times. We have built several acceleration frameworks to help our customers with cloud-driven and cloud-enabled digital transformation. We believe an organization can be truly digital-only if they are agile and nimble in responding to their customer and market demands.

What are the key challenges that Blazeclan Technologies is facing while operating in the Indian market? How are you mitigating it?

A key challenge that we continue to face is finding the right talent with the right skill sets. It is challenging to do this in the fast-paced growth environment of the cloud computing space. Since the uplift in the adoption of the public cloud among enterprises, we see an opportunity to grow as a business by enabling our customers to scale on the cloud to be more competitive in the digital world.

With the Indian economy sliding to some extent at the moment, how is India placed in Blazeclan Technologies’ global focus and way forward?

A few years back, enterprises in India were reluctant to adopt the public cloud. However, the scenario is different today. Leading enterprises are leveraging the public cloud for managing their workloads, and we perceive a major lift in the use of the public cloud in the foreseeable future.

The public cloud adoption among enterprises has been increasing in India since the recent past. Blazeclan has been helping several companies in their cloud journey and summed up a lot of automation for the launch and deployment of cloud infrastructure faster, even for secure and most regulated environments. 

We have built numerous acceleration frameworks to help our customers move to the cloud. We have been making significant investments into innovation and to innovate on behalf of organizations through tools, frameworks, and scripts that ensure a nimble and seamless cloud transformation.

Would you share with us some of the key futuristic projects that are in your pipeline going forward, for the Indian market?

Our priority for the upcoming year is to become a go-to partner for the digital needs of the enterprises. Our project pipeline involves various custom solutions for the BFSI companies in India. Blazeclan is significantly doing its part to transform the insurance sector as well as the loan disbursal space while helping them embrace the digital transformation DX. 

We are also working on building key Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Models for customer propensity and helping them optimize and speed up their front line sales and lead generation activities. We aim to remain focused highly on key value propositions - innovation, technology investment, agility, customer experience - that will help us remain ahead of the competition curve in the long run.

How much prepared is India, according to you for the adoption of advanced technologies like Cloud Computing, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning as per the present day scenario? What more initiatives do you foresee needs to be taken to make this scenario progress for further better?

I believe that in the near future, the IT industry in India will charter new frontiers fuelled by innovation. To be future-ready, the enterprise IT in the country will move toward IoT convergence, Industry 4.0, and cloud computing among others. What is going to emerge as a key trend in India is the Digital Mesh, which combines services, technology, devices, and humans to convey advanced results. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will play a major role in the treatment and assessment of business KPIs, which would set the pace for IT operations to undergo a further transformation. Continued integration of deep learning, AI, and ML in business operations will enable converged, isolated, or streamlined data for making more informed decisions.

Blockchain is set to become the business basic while the digital ledger technology matures. An increasing number of retailers and suppliers are already leveraging blockchain for speedy and accurate product tracking. As block chain networks mature, AI and ML will see new opportunities for advancements, as the enterprise blockchain platforms are already solving the impossible.