Global Décor Trends 2019: Bring World Home

The trends have started unfolding and shaping up well. It’s time to pick your favorite.

How about a home that weaves in global trends of interior designing, to carve a niche for itself? A home that would stand out in the crowd, just by its sheer taste of mixed and matched concepts, carrying it in élan! 

Below are some trends that are ruling the world of interior décor this year:

  • Taste of Coast:

What if your own room takes you back to the coastal holidays, still fresh in memory? That’s what is on the rise in interior designing since 2018 and going strong this year too. Natural hues, whitewashed finish on textured natural wood walls or organic textures on distressed surfaces are sure to relive your travel days. Matching soft linen and classic furniture with modern styling can lend your room a vintage yet chic feel. 

  • Mix in Metals:

Another trendsetter of 2019 is indeed the choice of mixed metallic in home décor. Toning down to darker shades and matte finishes, the little decorative pieces of mixed metal- bronze, oxidized, ivory, matte silver, copper etc. will give your room a mood of its own. Pick your classy furniture, artefacts, lampshades, ceiling fixtures and mirror frames in mix and match or contrast of mixed metallic; combine them with marble, concrete or woods adding a visual depth to your interiors. Remember, good lighting and well-placed mirrors can do wonders to your mixed metallic choices.

  • Grade the colors:

Moving on from the traditional line of thinking, the concept of gradation is now all set to add color to furniture and accent pieces. Earlier it was considered a tool to assess how the colors in a room, as a whole work together, mostly for wall and flooring. But gradation in 2019 is right there in furniture combinations, throw pillows, lamps and rugs, adding a soft touch in décor and fitting best against solid color wall schemes.

  • Contrasting hues:

When it comes to designs, color combination and pairings are of immense importance. 2019 seems to be a year of strong contrast combinations like Deep black + fresh white, moody indigo + neutral grey and sparkling metallic + natural wood. The contrast palette in your décor is sure to turn eye catcher with its starkness in elegance.

  • Geometry of interiors:

Gone are the days of just throw pillows displaying geometric patterns. 2019 has ushered in the trend of geometric shapes in every little detail of your home- from wall arts to table decors and floor or wall rugs. Squares, circles, triangles and other shapes in different variations are ruling the show in bolder color choices and oversized patterns. Geometry seems the flavor of the season- in wall highlights to coffee table intricacies.  

  • Touch of ink:

It’s that splash of blue- shibori, along with other ‘inky’ washes, that has become a global trend to dominate the world of home décor. The washed out patches, blending colors and tie and dye patterns, especially in indigo and black, on throw pillows, blankets or upholstery, will surely add that classy, ethnic touch to your everyday life.  

  • Being Unique:

Nothing can beat the unexpected style of designing, when it comes to interiors and it’s the eternal trend indeed. Let your own personality and culture reflect that uniqueness in decking up your home. Let the furniture tell a tale in unique silhouettes, hues and styles, let the walls do the talking, your floors echo your passion and draping reflect the mood. Use your space your style and see the magic.

The trends have started unfolding and shaping up well. It’s time to pick your favorite.  

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