Empowering Smart City Mandate with Digital Connectivity

“At DIGISOL, we truly believe in growing with our partners and support them in taking the latest innovation to the end customers. DIGISOL is working closely with government and consultants to develop cities that are safe, sustainable, and comprehensive”, asserted Devendra Kamtekar, CEO, Digisol Systems in a conversation with Poulami Chakraborty of BW SmartCitiesWorld. Excerpts below:

Please elaborate to us, how DIGISOL Systems is enabling India’s Smart City journey?

DIGISOL is working closely with the government and consultants to develop cities that are safe, sustainable, and comprehensive. Till date, we have provided solutions for ten smart city projects such as Aurangabad, Bhopal, Jaipur, Varanasi, Rajkot, Agartala, Tumkuru etc. and are presently working on many more smart cities. We have bagged these opportunities as we offer quality products and solutions which are MADE IN INDIA. This is an important directive from PMO. DIGISOL’s product portfolio plays a key role in smart city connectivity as our structured cabling, FTTH and wireless products enable Smart Cities to thrive. Under smart city initiative, majorly DIGISOL’s passive range of products are used to offer seamless connectivity to city’s key institutions like schools, hospitals, railway stations etc. DIGISOL’s aim is to participate in more and smarter city projects and help drive future connectivity in various cities.

Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed PoE Switch has been sensational enough in recent times. How superior is the solution in comparison to its counterparts?

Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed PoE Switches offer the power, flexibility, and stability required to keep complex networks running smoothly compared other switches. These switches are built for converged networks where voice, video and data are all carried across a single network platform. Gigabit Ethernet PoE switches with its capabilities and the flexibility can address the growing market needs. These switches can be an excellent investment for a project because of its inherent future-proof capability.


What initiatives have been taken by DIGISOL to leverage empowering System Integrators?

At DIGISOL, we truly believe in growing with our partners, and support them in taking the latest innovation to the end customers. System Integrators are very crucial for our business thus, it is important for us to conduct training programs to train and educate them about the latest market trends and our offerings. We have designed a special program named ‘Step UP’ for System Integrators, this program is designed to educate System Integrator Engineers in Tier I and Tier II cities about the innovative DIGISOL products available in the market and how these products are designed to meet the current IT Networking Industry demands. Besides System Integrators, we are also empowering ISPs/MSOs and our partners across India by conducting various training program like DCCI and FTTH XPERT program.

Is India 5G ready? Your views.

The telecommunication industry has been taking quantum leaps in the past few years with new development and now it is taking us closer to make 5G technology a reality. India has unquestionably picked up the pace in developing the underlying infrastructure for 5G with Government support, however, I believe currently it is at an emerging stage but it will soon make inroads into our daily lives.

What are your opinion about Data Protection Bill?

Today, data is the most critical asset that’s playing a key role in the advancement of our economy. I believe that the Data Protection Bill captures all major concerns and discussions around data privacy, however, two key things- ‘individual’s right to privacy’ and ‘the ease of doing businesses’ should be given more attention in order to maintain balance in the economy.

What future ready solutions is DIGISOL planning to roll out for Smart City in India?

We believe that Fiber is the Future, as it has become an integral part of the smart city infrastructure.  If you look at the functioning of Smart Cities, then you will observe that it works on interconnected technologies that can communicate, transfer and analyze data. That’s the reason the High Speed Fiber is at heart of the smart city as it transfers the tremendous volumes of data to cloud-based systems and will turn numbers into actions. Understanding the demand of the Smart cities, DIGISOL will introduce products under structured cabling and Fiber Optics that will further transform traditional cities to smart cities.

What challenges have you faced while operating in the country? How did you mitigate them?

To be honest, we haven’t been facing any major challenges while operating in the country, rather we have unlocked many opportunities with government’s support. Introduction of initiatives like ‘Digital India’, ‘Make in India’, ‘Smart Cities project’ etc. have opened doors to many exciting projects for DIGISOL.

How do you gauge the Digital India initiative by the Government of India? Your role onto it.

The Digital India initiative by the government aspires to transform India into a digitally empowered country. The core strength of DIGISOL is ‘networking’ which is an integral part of making digitally connected India a reality.  At DIGISOL, our objective has been to develop solutions that would address the evolving needs of Digital India.