Dell Technologies Raises Bar with Next-Generation Data Protection Solutions

New data protection storage appliances and enhancements to data management software and cyber recovery protect and manage data from edge to core to cloud.

Dell Technologies is introducing PowerProtect DD Series Appliances, the next- generation of its Data Domain protection storage appliances, enabling organizations to protect, manage and recover data at scale across diverse environments. In addition, Dell Technologies is announcing new enhancements to Dell EMC Cyber Recovery, now Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, and to Dell EMC PowerProtect Software that will provide customers with cyber resiliency and support for workloads on PowerProtect DD Series Appliances.

Today’s businesses are experiencing an overwhelming increase in the amount of data they create and retain. According to the Dell EMC Global Data Protection Index, in Asia Pacific & Japan, organizations on an average managed 8.13 petabytes of data in 2018, a 384% increase compared to the data managed in 2016. With PowerProtect DD Series Appliances, customers can equip themselves with a solution that supports their growing data needs, has the ability to quickly restore their systems in times of disruption and fosters business value and innovation through a secure path to existing data sets.

“As the IT landscape continues to shift to accommodate the influx of data, customer data protection and management requirements will increasingly be shaped by hybrid multi-clouds, global data centers and exabyte scale,” said Beth Phalen, President, Dell EMC Data Protection Division, Dell Technologies. “With the new PowerProtect DD Series Appliances and our expanding data protection portfolio, Dell Technologies is redefining the next-generation of data protection capabilities to deliver data management at global scale.”

“To thrive in an era of data explosion and stay ahead of their competitive curve, organisations’ need to revisit their data protection and management strategy, which is being rapidly shaped by the data which is being stored in diverse environments,” said Ripu Bajwa, Director & General Manager - Data Protection Solutions, Dell Technologies, India. “The all-new Dell EMC PowerProtect DD solutions will support the growing data needs of the customers, help them quickly restore their systems in time of disruption and will foster their business outcomes. Through this portfolio, Dell Technologies has redefined the next generation of data protection capabilities to deliver efficient data management at a larger scale”