Delhi Metro first to introduce wi-fi services inside trains

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) recently introduced free Wi-Fi service inside metro trains for the Airport Express Line.

The service  launched by DMRC Managing Director Mangu Singh on Thursday, succeeding which Singh adressed the media, to comment, “Internet connectivity is extremely crucial in today’s age. Many of the DMRC stations already have Wi-Fi services, but it is for the first time that such services will be available inside the trains as well.”

Mr. Singh added that by December 2020, Wi-Fi services inside trains will be extended to the Blue, Yellow, Red, Green and Violet lines of the Delhi Metro network.

“Based on the performance, we will see how it can be extended to the Pink, Magenta and Grey Lines,” he added.

Commuters will be able to access the Wi-Fi services by logging onto the “METROWIFI_FREE” network and feed in the one-time password received on the mobile. Officials said that once logged onto the network, commuters will get automatically connected to the services on subsequent journeys made on the corridor.

DMRC spokesperson Anuj Dayal said, “For giving a seamless Wi-Fi experience on the Airport Express Line, the consortium has laid a dedicated 24-km fibre network, 7 km of power cable with 44 base stations [pole as well as frame type] and other active components along the entire length of the line to ensure that trains never lose the Wi-Fi connectivity.”

Speaking about the project, Mr. Dayal said, “Only three hours of work per day was undertaken for the project beyond the operational hours of the Airport Express Line, with all safety precautions in place.”

(Source: The Hindu)