Comvision launches India’s First contactless parking solution

• India’s first car park ‘Make in India’ turnkey solution offering 100% Contact-less Transaction Experience • Integrated & Implemented by Comvision (India) Pvt Ltd for Hyderabad Airport Parking. • Comvision is a Gurgaon based woman owned enterprise. • First project in India to integrate Parking with NETC FASTag • Way to achieve ‘Self reliant India’ during Covid times • A recognition of women power in India

Comvision (India) Pvt. Ltd. has developed India’s First 100% contactless Parking solution integrated with Fastag, for GMR Hyderabad International Airport parking.  The project which is operational from 9th July 2020 has eased the traffic at the parking lot and most of all is providing the commuters a safe travel.  The airport receives over 15,000 cars in 24 hours. 

The app has not only lead to a seamless and safe transition of vehicles, but also has led to an increase in the parking revenue by 30-40% as it’s a fool proof system with  100% vehicle count and accurate time spent by each vehicle. “We are delighted to note the safety, accuracy and the ease of travel being provided by our app  and are motivated further and have worked out a low-cost very secure solution so that parking pain currently in India can be addressed. We plan to replicate this parking solution throughout the country”, said  Harjinder Kaur Talwar, MD & CEO, Comvision (India) Pvt Ltd.

Covid has taught us to be contact less. Here is how this company grabbed an opportunity in the trying times, both for humanity as well as for enabling Digital India. Comvision has already been in the space of Fastag based e-toll solutions & their solutions are running at many toll plazas on National Highways in India. It remains as one of the few NPCI certified companies for issuer as well as acquirer services of Fastag in India. 

 Comvision had implemented first phase Parking integrated with ICICI bank, thus enabling India’s first ever ‘NETC FASTag Car Park’ with NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) in November, 2019. It then rolled out transactions by Fastag issued by multiple banks with the acquirer bank solution of  ICICI. The experience for the user was seamless irrespective of the bank from where Fastag was obtained and used in the parking. 10 bank tags have already been implemented in the end-to-end parking solution rolled out for GMR Airport and more tags by more banks to be integrated are in plan. 

“ I have always believed in ’Make in India’ and all our solutions are 100% developed in house. These kind of solutions send a stronger message to be ‘Self reliant’. Such solutions also showcase the women power of the country as sadly usual perception about women remains that they don’t do hi-tech 24x7 solutions. I have always believed that a self-sufficient woman is confident to contribute to the economic growth of the country and steps must be taken to ensure that women power of the country becomes ‘economically empowered’. The ‘Economic Empowerment of women’ was my focus even when I was President FICCI LADIES Organization and now as co-chair of ‘the greater 50%’ a joint initiative of FICCI & FLO, launched by Smt  Smriti Irani, Minister WCD”, added Kaur.

Bhartindu Brij Talwar, Director Comvision, said, “These kind of solutions can’t be sourced from other countries as they cannot easily understand commuter behaviour in India  and hence are not as effective here. We are thankful to GHIAL for giving us an opportunity to launch the first-of-its-kind contactless parking in India. We plan to take this contactless parking  solution now to International markets through strategic international partnerships as we firmly believe that India can leap in the world in digital space and can be a factory to the world”.

The NETC FASTag solution is based on a simple to use, reloadable electronic RFID tag which enables automatic deduction of applicable parking charges, while one drives through the car Park without stopping for any cash transaction. 

How the system works:

This automated system entails a customer buying the NETC FASTag, which is linked to a prepaid account. The tag employs Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology and needs to be affixed on the vehicle's windscreen after the tag account is active. The RFID Tag is mapped with NPCI by the issuer bank(s). The subscriber of this system can use the parking without any manual intervention, such as waiting for a parking receipt at the entry or making cash/credit card payment at the exit. There is no additional cost to customers with respect to the parking fee. One has to just purchase a onetime tag which does away with the wait time at entry and exit.

 Dedicated NETC FASTag lanes are in place at entry. When a user arrives through this lane, the strategically placed RFID reader will capture the tag with the timestamp and store the details in the local data base. While exiting, the same will be reconciled and the chargeable parking fee is automatically deducted allowing the passengers to virtually zip through the parking lot in no time. Post completion of every transaction, user will receive SMS on the deducted amount.