Andhra Pradesh CM Reserved 75% Private Jobs to Empower Locals

The step has proven to be a measure to empower local candidates, by reserving 75 percent of local jobs for them.

Andhra Pradesh became the first state to reserves 75% jobs for Local Candidates to empower the Backward-Class Community and to provide them justice.

According to the new law passed in Andhra Pradesh, if the person doesn’t have required skills the company will have to train them accordingly and they hire them on the job as they will have no further excuse. Directly or indirectly, the government is trying to help the people financially.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, Chief Minister had promised to the locals for providing jobs to the unemployed. The jobs are reserved in industrial units, factories, joint ventures and programs under PPP mode.

By introducing this act, the positive environment will be created among locals and the state will focus on youth development. It has been reported that Madhya Pradesh on July 9 under CM Kamal Nath also reserved 70% jobs for the locals.