Amalgamating Skilled Man-force, uniform process for Leveraging Business

“Over the last 20 years Denave has gone through four business transformations – from a Channel Management Services company to a Business Process Outsourcing company to a Sales Enablement company. The fourth phase of business transformation is an ongoing process - that of a Sales Tech company supported by premium sales enablement services and products”, assures Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO, Denave in conversation with Poulami Chakraborty of BW SmartCitiesWorld. Details below

Please elaborate Denave’s journey and its establishment as a sales enablement organisation. How is Denave leveraging technology for Sales Enablement?

Denave was founded 20 years ago by three Ex-Microsoft employees on a bootstrap budget with the goal to bridge the gap between sales strategy and final implementation. The journey began with the core idea that Sales is the pivotal function of all the organizations cutting across sectors, industries and domains and aim to fill the dearth of an end to end sales enablement player that delves into every aspect sales right from the beginning to provide last-mile connectivity while providing measurable impact. Briefly, it was to make a measurable difference in the sales outcomes for our customers. Over the last 20 years Denave has gone through four business transformations – from a Channel Management Services company to a Business Process Outsourcing company to a Sales Enablement company. The fourth phase of business transformation is an ongoing process - that of a Sales Tech company supported by premium sales enablement services and products.

At Denave, we understand that businesses are on continuous look-out for right combination of skilled people, uniformly standardized processes, break-through innovation via leveraging new-age technologies. With these as focus and intensive sales methodologies developed over the years, we have aced the space in enabling  Net New Customer Acquisition, Revenue Maximization, Cloud Sales and Adoption, SMB Penetration, Partner Management, Sales Automation, Brand Activation, Geo Expansion and driving disruption in the sales enablement arena by leveraging technological advancements via our award-winning solutions.

Denave’s services and products are aimed at empowering seller at every stage of the sales process. Right from identifying the next new customer, where there is the crucial need of going beyond the database, Denave follows ‘whitespace discovery’ model. It is a technology driven scientific process which works as a smart data extraction engine using  Machine Learning based algorithms (ML) and comprising data evaluation, data analysis, data verification that is augmented by Analytics-driven insights to render incremental contactable database access to businesses. We have developed smart CRMs with an ability to automate lead quality validation, leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP), speech recognition AI enabled bots to help standardise and reduce data entry errors. We help prioritize probable buyers based on purchase history/buying pattern/techno-graph of look-alike organizations leveraging automated pattern matching and Predictive analytics. We identify purchase propensity and undertake sales content optimization which is generating relevant and credible content and innovative tactics to micro-target the prospects via high touch points across digital/physical platforms. 

Headquartered in Noida, with three operational centres viz: Singapore, Malaysia & London, our reach spans 5 continents, 50+ countries & 500+ cities and we have influenced sales worth USD 5 Billion+. 

Which all sector does Denave provide their services to and which industry is your biggest chunk for business?

With Sales function cutting across industries and domains, our clientele is rich with leading organisations across Technology, Telecom, E-commerce, FMCG, O&G. We are exploring other sectors like Healthcare, Education, Finance, possibly barring agriculture, we feel we have a play everywhere. We are only restricted by bandwidth, not capability. 

Our multi-lingual capabilities covering 30+ languages and 20+ different cultures help us cater to global sales needs and we take pride in servicing seven of the world’s top technology Fortune 200 companies globally.

What strategies has Denave adopted for sustaining the competition in the highly populous IT/ITES industry?

Denave has focused on the complete sales enablement process instead of ITES related services alone. The key differentiator that Denave brings onto the table is the ability to drive a measurable sales outcome for its customers. At Denave we focus on enabling the Seller’s journey thereby creating a clear differentiation between our services and other similar organizations that focus on influencing the buyer’s behaviour. 

What are the technologies that are going to change the sales game in India?

Today, the gap between sales and marketing is continuously being bridged due to the rapid evolution of customer behaviour fuelled by implementation of technology. Customers today are making informed purchase decisions. Corporates are gradually understanding the role of technology in making this alignment possible, and hence more funds are being invested for development and adoption of new technology tools and platforms for their sales strategies.

Some of the promising technology trends that are increasingly being leveraged

Intelligent automation capabilities are getting more prominence Marketing and Sales functions have evolved to a level and started allowing integration with several other platforms, like Intelligent CRM, Sales Force Automation Platforms, Business Intelligence tools etc to understand the customer’s behavioural attributes.

Emerging connected cloud trends: According to Forrester , Cloud platform services are evolving at a rate of 20% which will definitely help the overall tech outsourcing category grow by around 6%.

Intelligent Database Management fused with Machine learning capabilities will continue to disrupt the industry: Organisations now reduce the time taken to acquire the ‘next new customer’ by leveraging extraction, business rules and database management.

Analytics will remain the sales catalyst: IDC forecasts, the Big Data industry is expected to reach $102 billion by 2019. With predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities, industry is now able to unlock some of the most meaningful insights to detect customers’ overall business health that we wouldn’t get otherwise.

Speech/Image recognition to impact data accuracy and reporting: Digital transformation and AI proliferation will leverage the progress made in speech recognition to improve the deployment of sales tools by replacing input mechanism through speech.

How is digital transformation moulding Indian market trends according to you? Is India ready for the digital age? Your views.

Emerging technologies, today, is catalysing transformation in every industry bringing in digital disruption aimed towards enhancing customer experience. We see significant investment from the government and several industry players are focussing on developing the knowledge platform to sustain this digital disruption, developing innovation hubs and creating solutions for real-world challenges. As these technologies move out of the research labs towards real world implementation, India is promisingly poised to take advantage of this gathering storm of opportunity fuelled by industry support, sound knowledge base and promising government strategy. 

What challenges do you face while operating in Indian market? How do you mitigate these challenges?

Every market, we agree, has its own set of nuances. Indian market has two main challenges 

  • Price sensitive Indian consumers that inherently means value conscious consumers.

We have tried to mitigate this by focusing on industries with high value and volume of products to enable a better ROI. This helps us in rationalising the services cost, at the same time we have kept our quality focus very high thereby enabling a logical premium cost justification. 

  • Shortage of industry ready manpower passing out of academic institutions, creating a big gap between available talent vs required skillset 

At Denave we have tried to bridge this chasm through a competency framework created in-house, which is linked to the talent journey. The entire journey is mapped right from hiring and help us to fill competency gaps with a clear focus on the skilling roadmap of our manpower. The framework is consistently evaluated to meet industry and global standards.

Data breach has been one of the key factors affecting an organisation’s business and since the World is taking a leap towards Data privacy and protection regulations, what is your take on the Data protection bill, GDPR?

It indeed feels good to see India among the select band of countries moving towards a comprehensive data protection regime. An ideal data protection framework should be concise; one that lays down guiding principles of governance, allowing for notification of rules for clarification and procedural structure, and applicable to both public and private entities processing personal data of individuals.

What are the future growth plans of Denave? 

We intend to become the world’s largest sales-tech enablement organisation influencing sales across the world for at least next 100 years fostered on the culture of progressive innovation, successfully driven by People, Process and Technology. In fact, we have managed to perfect the art of converting sales into a horizontal service, cutting across domains and geographies. 

We intend to foray into three more markets with our own delivery centres over the next two years – Poland, US and Australia giving us the necessary physical reach required to provide services across the globe. Denave is focused on making sales leaders of tomorrow and is also dedicated towards creating employment opportunities across the globe by setting up delivery centres in various locations, aligned to our business expansion objectives.